My Photo Shoot with In the Grey Photo Movement

I realized that during my hiatus from blogging, I missed posting photos from my writer/author/fun photo shoot with the incredibly talented Elizabeth Jones of In the Grey Photo Movement.

One of the reasons why I loved this photo shoot so much, besides working with an incredibly talented photographer, was that I got to incorporate my favorite journal.  My courage journal is not only the inspiration for my next novel, but it’s extremely special to me.  I had bought it as a gift for a good friend of mine.  Unfortunately, he passed away before I had the opportunity to give it to him.  We shared a love of writing.  He was my biggest supporter and my first reader while my book was still a wee, little manuscript.  His support and encouragement meant so much to me and I continue to carry it with me.  I kept the journal and vowed to use it to write my next novel, that way he’s still with me while I write.

Below are some of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

IMG_9769 copy


IMG_9792 copy

IMG_9879 copy

IMG_9944 copy

IMG_9996 copy

IMG_9997 copy

IMG_9887 copy

Interested in checking out more of In the Grey Photo Movement? Check out their Etsy shop!


One thought on “My Photo Shoot with In the Grey Photo Movement

  1. I like the style and philosophy in the Grey Photo Movement – interesting way of looking at photos.

    Love the bridge – I can hear the sound of bikes going across. Thanks for sharing.

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