My Song Now Available at Broad Street Books!

I’m excited and proud to announce that My Song is now available at Broad Street Books located in Branchville, NJ!


Check out their amazing shop!


Can Books Change Your Life? YES!

I started thinking about why I began writing, why I love it so much. My initial thought was the first Creative Writing course I ever took in high school. I had finally found a place where I was understood, where I could … Continue reading

My Other Passion…

A few weekends ago, I spent time with my grandparents and great aunt and uncle.  They started telling stories about how when I was little, I’d put on little shows singing or telling stories around the campfire at Keen Lake, my family’s favorite weekend retreat.

It got me thinking about how life takes unexpected turns, or chooses it’s own path from a fork in the road.  My two passions include writing and singing.  I ultimately chose one to focus on and lead me toward a brighter future.  I never gave up, singing, however.  I continue to sing and perform when I can, but my time is limited and more often than not, I focus on my writing instead.

I wanted to share a series of three videos of my singing with you.  Enjoy!