Well It’s Published…

As of May 2nd, 2012, my first novel My Song is published on lulu.com!  It is all very exciting and very frightening at the same time. I hope to use this blog a. more frequently than I’ve been known to use blogs in the past, and b. as a way to communicate my adventures in writing and quite possibly some excerpts from future books. But right now, My Song, is on the forefront of my mind and I really hope that you all check it out.  It’s been over a year in the making and I am very proud to have a published product!

Here’s the synopsis:

“Living in her hometown of New Bridge, Connecticut, Emily Doyle has everything she could want in life: an engagement to her high school sweetheart and childhood best friend, Jimmy Gordon, and the opportunity of a lifetime to audition for the Connecticut Symphony.
But when an unfortunate accident leaves her with a broken arm, threatening her dream of becoming a professional pianist, Emily must re-evaluate the choices she’s made. As ghosts from their past begin to haunt their relationship, Emily must discover the truth about Jimmy, and more importantly, herself.”

You can check it out and buy a copy (hint, hint) here!

Oh and in case you were wondering, the image on my blog is actually pages from my most prized possession and favorite companion, my journal.


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